Key Leaf is the story of love of sunshine, great design and timeless, classic shapes.

Determined to bring their uniquely chic take on resort wear to a wider

audience, Colombian-Italian sisters Adriana & Claudia Chaparro

Pignalosa founded Key Leaf in London on 2009. 


Drawing on their rich creative South American heritage, the sisters

began to create a collection of flowing silk dresses, elegant blouses

& jumpsuits, and a unique range of ultra feminine tunics & coverups

infused with the spirit of sun drenched beaches and summer life that

they know so well.


A keen eye for the idiosyncratic, Adriana & Claudia have become known

for their confident prints, ranging from Dahlias to Dragonflies. 

Each  one-of-a-kind print is hand painted by Adriana before being

recreated as a unique and vibrant collectable and covetable fabric.

With its exquisite hand painted prints, elegant silhouettes & bright

colors, KEY LEAF redefines summer dressing for women in the city and on the beach.